Colts Neck Solutions LLC Proposes Design of Congressionally Mandated Intelligence Community Information Sharing Environment

COLTS NECK, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 3, 2005--Colts Neck Solutions LLC has published a conceptual proposal for implementing the Intelligence Community Information Sharing Environment (ISE) mandated by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. The 9/11 Commission strongly suggested improving information sharing, and Congress incorporated into the Intelligence Reform Act information sharing requirements that are perhaps more challenging than the widely-debated structural changes incorporated into the Act.

To meet this challenge, Colts Neck Solutions LLC proposes the "repurposing" of several eBusiness and supply chain processes and architectures to implement the Information Sharing Environment mandated by Congress. Business to business (B2B) processes are suggested as the start point, because, as described by Fulton Wilcox, Senior Partner of Colts Neck Solutions LLC, "B2B solutions support millions of users, transactions and products; they support self-service access via product catalogs, search and dynamic product configurators; and they implement complex supply processes such as vendor managed inventory, item tracking with barcodes and RFID, remote monitoring, complex authorization workflow and many others. These and other B2B capabilities can be adapted to facilitate information sharing within the Intelligence Community."

The proposal recommends three complementary approaches: 1) the use of B2B "indirect" materials buying models to support the dynamic information sharing required by intelligence analysts and investigators as they perform studies and pursue leads, 2) the use of "production"-oriented eBusiness integration approaches using XML-facilitated data exchange plus Web Services calls to automate routinized database synchronization, transaction processing, process monitoring and alarm handling, and 3) the use of "staging" servers - somewhat
akin to physical supply chain distribution centers - plus intensive use of search and "push" solutions to facilitate information-sharing without necessitating massive upgrades of legacy systems. The suggested foundation elements include business process architectures such as OBI (Open Buying on the Internet) and technology standards such as ebXML - especially including repurposed "registry" features of ebXML to address ISE directory requirements.

Note that, although focused on the requirements of the Intelligence Reform Act of 2004, the same principles are applicable to non-governmental information-centric, regulatory-intensive communities, such as healthcare, financial services and logistics. Also, the facilitating standards and techniques, such as ebXML or Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) have broad applicability, while the benefits of data standardization and data quality improvement span community boundaries.

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