At both BOC and Bell Labs, he has balanced practicality and pioneering – achieving a “just right” blend. He created a number of "firsts" in Internet eBusiness in his industry, timed to maximize brand-building impact and minimize risk. 

Fulton has a special regard for the challenges facing the data analyst, because he has performed such work at BOC, at AT&T, and in his three years with U.S. Army Military Intelligence. Given this background, he is very much focused on enhancing data capture, data preservation, and data quality. At Bell Labs, he pioneered in data warehousing, and he founded and managed a systems and Operations Research group dedicated to extracting useful information from that data warehouse. He gained experience in managing security both in U.S. Army Military Intelligence and in AT&T Federal Systems as well as privacy in several Human Resources settings.

He has contributed to the general advancement of eBusiness process and data models and standards. He was a board member and head of the specifications group of the OBI (Open Buying on the Internet) standards consortium as well as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of InternetWeek. He is a member of OASIS - the Internet standards group and previously a member and head of the specifications working group of the Open Buying on the Internet standards consortium. .
He has spoken extensively on eBusiness and Supply ChaIn Reengineering in the U.S. and Europe in sales, purchasing, manufacturing, and logistics-oriented settings as well as on behalf of technology providers such as SAP and IBM and advisory services such as Forrester Research.
Fulton Wilcox brings thirty years of managerial and technical experience to applying information technology (IT) to business opportunities and infomation management. 

As Director, Technology Business Development for BOC Gases - US, Fulton helped win and retain large, sophisticated customers through value-added eBusiness and supply chain services. These often they spanned multiple technologies and multiple enterprise boundaries. In this work,  Fulton collaborated with many leading manufacturers, healthcare and R&D entities as well as with many virtual eBusiness and “bricks and mortar" intermediaries. He created a high-powered solutions team that delivered on service and IT commitments and that earned customer loyalty and confidence.
He bridges the gap between business and IT, because he has managed almost every business and IT function. On the business development side, he has made major contributions in developing new channel relationships and in the packaging, selling and delivery of IT-intensive solutions. At the same time, he is experienced in the design and implementation of sophisticated procurement, inventory and logistics management systems. At Bell Labs and AT&T, he was a highly effective product and service architect – creative in devising conceptual solutions and bringing them to market.