Colts Neck Solutions LLC
                                                           Typical Services

-  Consult to senior general and IT management regarding Internet-enabled supply chain re-engineering, electronic commerce and inter-enterprise collaborative product design.  Assist  in developing externally focused technology strategies.

-  Provide guidance in "ecommercizing" IT applications, infrastructure and customer support. In particular, identify the relevant data standards, data sourcing and transaction processes applicable to inter-enterprise solutions.

-  At the more conceptual level, Colts Neck Solutions LLC could be engaged to help define a conceptual solution would then serve as a template for those practitioners who create the "real" thing, perhaps in several variants across  customers, business units and geographies.

Colts Neck Solutions offers a "practitioner's" perspective and capability - based on extensive real world experience in addressing very immediate problems and competitive opportunities. On the other hand, this focus on practice does not detract from providing due attention to questions of architecture, technology choices, standards and quality.
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Fulton Wilcox brings leadership and knowledge to the art of blending business and IT capabilities into practical solutions and "getting the ducks in a row."