Colts Neck Solutions LLC and Umbanet Offer ComplianceAide to Incorporate eMail Regulatory Compliance Capabilities Into the eMail Creation Process

Colts Neck, New Jersey.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 28, 2005  Financial services companies and other regulated businesses risk issuing "smoking gun" emails despite investments in email archiving, indexing and text scanning.
Colts Neck Solutions LLC has defined an email compliance process named ComplianceAide that incorporates compliance-oriented workflow into the email origination process itself.  ComplianceAide uses powerful Umbanet technology that enhances ordinary email software such as MS Outlook.

As stated by
Fulton Wilcox, Senior Partner at Colts Neck Solutions LLC, "Existing compliance measures typically function after emails have been created and often after messages have been sent. ComplianceAide uses Umbanet's value-added email capabilities as a quickly-deployable way to inject compliance into the email creation process itself."

ComplianceAide can be thought of as workflow "lite", incorporating client and server based compliance workflow into email origination. The principal ingredients of ComplianceAide are 1) client-side selection of parameter values from convenient listboxes provided by Umbanet's "agent", 2) customer-defined server-side or client-side evaluative workflow to embed suitable text into the message, and 3) as defined by the customer, warnings and blocks if the email should not be issued. For example, email pertaining to business in a jurisdiction in which the financial service company is not licensed could be blocked because the jurisdiction is not in a ComplianceAide listbox.

Michelle Baker, Founder of Umbanet stated that "Umbanet's secure, value-added email capabilities provide financial services companies an excellent platform to support ComplianceAide's email origination and workflow processes. Umbanet leverages the customer's email infrastructure to give email originators compliance-assisting workflow in a familiar environment." 

Large customers can make it accessible to thousands of email users who, today, have no inline compliance workflow to help prevent regulatory or other governance violations.

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