What Can Colts Neck Solutions LLC Do For You?

Colts Neck Solutions, LLC provides creative, practical architectural and integration recommendations as to how you can:

1. Exploit rapidly-evolving information technology (IT) to enhance business process and create value

2. Mine additional business value by applying new techniques to your current IT capabilities

3. Prevent the business and compliance problems created by not keeping pace with relevant, critical technology advances

4. Improve data quality and better understand the "rules" implicit in your data, essential as both data and executables are "repurposed" in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments.

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In balancing speed of adoption versus watchful waiting
being "cat-like" is essential: waiting for the right
opportunity, but moving swiftly when it develops.

Below are three illustrative "cases" of developing trends that
merit timely, accurately focused action.

Case 1:  Information-Sharing in Security-Intensive or Privacy-Intensive Contexts

In many different venues, previously distinct information "chimneys" are being integrated or interfaced. Consequently, there are competing forces, one aiming at improving information-sharing and collaboration, while the other aims at protecting information from unwarranted use. The healthcare industry and the financial services industry are examples of this clash in objectives.

One highly visible example is the  U.S. intelligence community and, by extension, various law enforcement and other agencies, which after 9/11 were criticized for being ineffective with regard to information-sharin, but which also need to enforce "need-to-know" and privacy measures.

To access Colts Neck Solutions LLC's proposal to address the Information Sharing Environment (ISE) requirements embedded in the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 -  click
here.  To access the article on the March 31 2004 Report of the Commission on Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), click here.

Case 2: "eMail Compliance" using ComplianceAide

The financial services industry faces challenging, wide-ranging regulatory compliance issues that manifest themselves in email communications. Although "back end" email archiving and indexing can help, Colts Neck Solutions LLC in conjunction with Umbanet has framed a "preventative" approach named ComplianceAide. Note that ComplianceAide is an example of a broader trend toward embedding industry-specific "vertical" rules into horizontal "office" applications.  Click
here for the press announcement.

Case 3: "Punctuated Equilibrium" versus gradualism in infrastructure evolution

"Brute force" computing and networking continues to progress, continually obsolescing your current IT investments and perhaps your business model. What is needed is to move ahead swiftly and surely to make brute force computing work for you rather than against you. In the next few years, companies are going to face choices between creeping, often disorderly evolution versus some "big bang" projects.  Click
here to access  the article on infrastructure rebuild.

Today's infrastructure increasing depends on use of radio frequencyspectrum. For information on FCC spectrum auctions in the U.S., click here. Recently Colts Neck Solutions responded to an FCC request for comments on its auction process comments. Click here to access the Executive Summary regarding FCC Auction processes.

For further information contact clientservices@coltsnecksolutions.com or call 732-332-1885.
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