Colts Neck Solutions LLC can enhance the IT aspect of your major customer program and improve the competitiveness of your proposals. We can support your sales teams in responding to customers’ need for value-added “solutions” in RFP responses. Our understanding of IT-intensive opportunities can enrich offerings, typically while leveraging your present IT investment. Our services described below will help turn your sales “big wheel" and cut through underbrush.

One service is “discovery” – analysis as to how you can address your large customers’ needs – affordably – with little change to your IT infrastructure, information and processes. Often, you can offer competitive and even world class integration and collaboration services to high priority customers, without incurring the costs and risks of adopting those features for customers who do not want or have willingness to pay for them. Colts Neck Solutions’ brings experience in all aspects of business and IT, so we may identify options that otherwise would be overlooked.

Another major service is “solutions” packaging. For a given major customer or buying group opportunity, we can assist you to package an offer that is responsive, affordable and competitive. Our premier capability is to provide solution design support in the heat of battle - at the pre-sales, RFP response, and in post-award follow-up phases. We are not a studies service, we are a win “the business” service.

If needed, we can recommend and “architect” enhancements. If your big wheel has a flat spot,  you may need to add some capability. Three potential ”flat spots” are data quality, access management and security, and workflow processes, and we can recommend measures in these areas. Colts Neck Solutions is a “doctrine” and “architectural” source, so typically we collaborate with your internal and external IT providers, and other support resources if needed.

Summary  Although what the customer wants is sometimes out of reach, Colts Neck Solutions LLC may keep you in the game by devising an affordable, competitive response.
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Fulton Wilcox is the Senior Partner of Colts Neck Solutions LLC. He has extensive experience in major account sales programs and supply chain enhancement, from both the business and Information Technology perspective. At BOC Group, he was very successful in creating winning IT-intensive solution offers to premier customers and channel partners across all industries. He also has extensive experience in integrating with ERPs such as SAP R/3 – both the seller’s and the buyer’s.

Previously, at
AT&T Bell Labs, he was part of AT&T’s pioneering work in offering EDI and other enhanced network services, and he provided support to AT&T Federal Systems sales. Starting with Bell Labs and AT&T Enhanced Network Services Division, he has championed the practical application of technology and eBusiness, as his quotes below from the trade press illustrate – there are links to these articles on the web sites listed above.
Our “system…ties in to customer, exchange and supplier  content  with … web services “SOAP” call's" International Glass News
“They're trying to set up the catalog to end all catalogs," he said. ComputerWorld.
[and "they" subsequently failed]
…the vendors have, in effect, created our orders for us,” Wilcox says. “We delegate  …Intelligent Asia Online regarding vendor managed inventory
“Wireless technology is the next logical step in that total cost of ownership continuum.“  wifizonenews
“E-business isn't just one thing—because business isn't just one thing…”  Information Week
“Our interest  is  forward-looking…" Infoworld