Colts Neck Solutions LLC can help you to enhance the IT services aspect of your Supply Management program and improve downstream processes. We advise purchasing professionals and sourcing teams regarding eBusiness, integration processes and value-added services.

One service is “discovery” – analysis as to how you can:

- leverage your internal systems and your trading partners', with minimal change or cost

- future-proof your relationships  by riding the "next wave" of innovation centered on XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

– exploit Colts Neck Solutions' "been there, done that" experience in extracting benefits from suppliers' IT capabilities.

Discovery will help you enrich your doctrine, your RFx's and negotiation position papers

Another major service is “solutions” negotiation support.
Our premier capability is to support you in the heat of battle - at the RFx through post-award follow-up phases:

- prepare commodity-specific RFx's that lead to advantageous relationships

- define post-award collaborative processes that are efficient and attractive to your internal customers.

- assist you in extracting latent value from the winning vendor's infrastructure, perhaps value that the vendor's own staff does not recognize is there.
Colts Neck Solutions LLC
Colts Neck, New Jersey USA 07722
Fulton Wilcox is the Senior Partner of Colts Neck Solutions LLC. He has extensive experience in major account contracting and supply chain enhancement, from both the business and Information Technology perspective. At BOC Group, he created winning IT-intensive solution offers to premier trading partners across all industries. He also has extensive experience in integrating with ERPs such as SAP R/3 – both the seller’s and the buyer’s. At AT&T Bell Labs, he was part of AT&T’s pioneering implementations of EDI and other enhanced network. Throughout, he has championed of the practical application of technology and eBusiness.
If needed, we can recommend and “architect” enhancements. Three typical needs for enhancement are with respect to data quality, access management and security, and workflow processes, and we can recommend measures in these areas.

Colts Neck Solutions is a “doctrine” and “architectural” source, so we collaborate with your internal and external IT providers, and other support resources if needed.